It won’t be easy, but it might just be the most rewarding leap you ever make. We’re looking for people who embody the spirit of our values, and who are ready for huge challenges as we step into the unknown.

As co-founders we believe in a culture that rewards excellence, and has a laser-focus on achieving our goals. At the same time we’re building an environment where you help to define those goals, and where you know your team has your back, 100%.

As a rapidly scaling fintech startup, challenging global juggernauts at their own game, no two days are the same. You’ll need to sting like a butterfly and float like a bee, and thrive in a demanding, ambiguous, high-autonomy environment. We don’t say this to put you off.

Because #startup life isn’t all beanbags and pizza Fridays (although obviously those are crucial). It’s actually pretty hard, and not for everyone… But we believe that at the limits of our abilities is where enormous personal growth happens. And as co-founders we’ll walk beside you on that journey, if this is the path you choose.

QA / tester

Can you break our app?

Customer experience lead

You’ll be taking the lead as we build our team of customer support heroes.